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Function mode of a PET-bottle washing line


The following flow chart shows the fundamental layout of a PET-bottle washing line. In due to have more clarity no options are represented.



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Animation PET Washing Line



Following procedures are integrated in our washing lines or can be added additionally:

  • Material feeding
  • Separation of loose polluted material
  • Metal detection
  • manual or automatic colour and PVC sorting
  • Wet precutting
  • Friction-Intensivewashing-unit
  • Separation of dissolved polluted material
  • Wet separation stage (density separation) and second washing stage
  • Rinsing basin
  • Mechanical drying unit
  • Hot air drying
  • Bagging 

The advantages of a SIKOPLAST washing line is especially the Frictionwasher, and the patented wet separation stage with integrated pre-flotation. Due to this we reach a purity above the average - also with highly contaminated input material, for example bottles with a high part of paper labels and this without any additional chemical agents.