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SIKOPLAST Maschinenbau
Heinrich Koch GmbH
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53721 Siegburg, Germany


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Washing Lines for IBCs

View of an IBC washing line


Since 1977, we have designed and built washing systems for highly soiled plastic waste from the post-consumer segment, for example PE/PP films or PET bottles. For a few years now, we also supply washing systems for large-volume containers. Used HDPE containers (IBCs), drums and other industrial containers that have been in contact with various liquids, including oils, come out of the system as clean and dry flakes. The washing systems have a modular structure and achieve an above average level of cleanliness even with heavily soiled input material. The max. throughput is 1.200 kg/h, the energy consumption between 0,3-0,4 kW/kg output, the water consumption at only 2 m³/h.