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Screen changer

Animation 2-piston Screen Changer (please click to start)
Animation 1-piston Screen Changer (please click to start)

For melt filtration we offer one- and two piston screen changer. The filter diameter is available from 58 mm up to 230 mm. The screen changers are developed as continuous ones, so that a filter change can be done during running production without a production interruption. The pistons are equipped with a hydraulic unit to do the filter change.

Depending on the equipment series the screen changers can be delivered with position switches and visualisation.


The screen changers are developed in that way that an integration in an existing line is possible. Approbiate adapter flanges make an adjustment possible to all usual extrusions.

Describe us your application and we will design a suitable screen changer.

2-Piston screen changer
Screen insert
Protection cover in production position
Protection cover in screen change position
2-Piston screen changer with position switches
1-Piston screen changer in change position