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HAW Waterring pelletizing system

The waterring pelletizing systems of the HAW series are easy in operation. The operational area is the pelletizing of PE, PP, PS, ABS and similar thermoplastics.

The pelletizing system is completely mounted on the process watertank and forms one unit. Beside the pelletizing head our scope of supply includes the process watertank, the centrifugal dryer and the heat exchanger.

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Function mode: The melt goes through die bores, arranged in a circle. Blades, working directly on the surface of the die plate, cut the melt and centrifuge it in the cooling water. The water is injected tangential and form on the surface of the pelletizing head a closed water film. This water film tranports the pellets to the outside of the pelletizing chamber above an over grain separation into the centrifugal dryer - this prevents sticking pellets. At the same time the pellets are cooled down. The retention time of the pellets in the cooling water can be throughput-dependently regulated.

The process water and the pellets are seperated in the centrifugal dryer, which dries the pellets at the same time. 

The process water flows back over a filtration into the integrated process water tank. From there it will be reused in the pelletizing chamber, after being cooled down by the heat exchanger.