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SIKOREX Co-Extrusion (Inline system)


The co-extrusion of the SIKOREX series form the basis for an economic recycling of all resulting production waste beside the PP non-woven and film production. They are optimized for re-feeding of rolls or direct re-feeding of edge-trims with max. speed of 375 m/min. If necessary, the SIKOREX plant can be equipped with 2 infeed devices for the parallel infeed of edge trims and roller goods.



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Beside new installations also existing lines can be equipped problem-free with our recycling system. The necessary modification of existing production extrusion is minimal and we would be glad to do this job locally in your factory.

If necessary the SIKOREX co-extrusion can be equipped with a screen changer for melt filtration, a polymer diverter valve for fast colour changes and/or a meltpump for metered refeeding of recycling inside the main production.

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Direct recycling of hydrophilic nonwoven



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The picture shows a typical SIKOREX-line with two draw-in devices, vacuum system, screen changer and metering pump for direct melt injection into the production extruder.


The unique machinery propositions from SIKOPLAST are products from the SIKOREX series which are specially used in connection with nonwovens production. In short, SIKOREX operates using a recycling extruder and a specially designed conical screw, with one or two independent working draw-in devices mounted directly at the extruder. The edge trim waste is fed inline directly from the nonwoven production line, where it is converted into melt. The melt is directly fed back to the production process i.e. injected into the production extruder of the nonwoven line. The second draw-in device can be used simultaneously to take start-up or faulty rolls which can be added from full width rolls.


SIKOPLAST, always open for new ideas, is facing the new trend in the nonwoven area: hydrophilic or water beam reinforced nonwoven. A modified line has been implemented where edge trim rolls and start-up rolls can be used directly i.e. the so called “melt-to-melt” procedure has been realized. The modified recycling extruder has to be equipped with a longer screw (6 x L/D), as a venting system has to be considered and consequently a vacuum system is required as an essential part of the new design. Also a melting pump is a necessary inclusion.


After trials using the SIKOPLAST R&D line, along with the successful installation & commissioning at an existing nonwoven production line in Germany, the „pioneer“ is in the position to offer the well accepted series of SIKOREX for the new nonwovens. Before the introduction of this new line, the hydrophilic material had to be recycled the traditional way i.e. re-pelletized. A process we can happily say can now be regarded as history. One further aspect, that must not be ignored, is the fact that existing SIKOREX lines can be modified should hydrophilic nonwoven products enter existing production processes.