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9/21/2020 : 5:15 pm : +0200

SIKOPLAST Maschinenbau
Heinrich Koch GmbH
Aulgasse 176
53721 Siegburg, Germany


Tel. (+49) 2241 / 17 45-0
Fax. (+49) 2241 / 17 45-71







SIKOREX Co-Extrusion

The edge trims will be fed by means of a draw-in roller. The speed of the draw-in roller is regulated, which eliminates fluctuations in the feeding and saves a stable refeeding ratio.


Our supply range includes standard systems with material throughput performances from 30 kg/h to around 250 kg/h

SIKOREX with horizontal material feeding
SIKOREX with vertical material feeding
SIKOREX with inline edgetrim feeding
SIKOREX with screen changer & metering pump
Connection to production extrusion
Material feeding
Material feeding