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10/23/2020 : 4:54 am : +0200

SIKOPLAST Maschinenbau
Heinrich Koch GmbH
Aulgasse 176
53721 Siegburg, Germany


Tel. (+49) 2241 / 17 45-0
Fax. (+49) 2241 / 17 45-71








By extensive accessories our granulator can be optimally arranged to your requirements. Beside draw-in rollers for the automatic feeding of roles, conveyor belts for feeding of loose materials as also cyclones for materials which will be directly sucked off the production into the granulator, are available.

In the following we would like to show you a small excerpt from the most different series.

Granulator with conveyor belt
Special Granulator for Blister Films
Granulator with draw-in roller
Draw-in roller
Frontview - manual feeding
Rotor bearing located outside