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Film to film

With this line concept, without the intermediate step of pelletizing, directly from blown film waste in only one processing step new film is produced. The energy saving with this concept in relation to the classic ways is about more than 50%. Together with the saving on raw material it is easy to produce simple film qualities in an economic way.


Beside new film to film lines we also offer to you to integrate your existing blowing equipment in our line.

PE film to film line

Function mode: The film waste will be grinded in a granulator and transported to the extrusion with integrated silo. Beside the degassing also a melt filtration is accomplished. Afterwards the material will be blown in commercial blown film heads.


Our special extrusion concepts allows to process a range from 100% film waste up to process all possible mixtures with virgin pellets to reach the wished product characteristics. That means depending on the customer, all mixtures from 100% film waste up to 100% virgin pellets and between this, can be realized.