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9/21/2020 : 5:06 pm : +0200

SIKOPLAST Maschinenbau
Heinrich Koch GmbH
Aulgasse 176
53721 Siegburg, Germany


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Pelletizing extrusions for thermoplastic plastics

Our pelletizing extrusions for not flotable input material are according to our standard equipped with a material silo. Normally this silo is direct mounted on the top of the feeding section from the extrusion. The Feeding of the extrusion can be done discontinuously, which minimizes the personal require-ments to feed the extrusion.

The following pictures give an overview about our pelletizing systems. According your application and available place we would like to arrange a possible layout. For  questions and further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pelletizing linf with UWG for PA - PET
Pelletizing line integrated in production
Pelletizing line for PE/PP film
Pelletizing line - waterringsystem for PP
Degassing port atmospherically/vacuum