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10/23/2020 : 4:02 am : +0200

SIKOPLAST Maschinenbau
Heinrich Koch GmbH
Aulgasse 176
53721 Siegburg, Germany


Tel. (+49) 2241 / 17 45-0
Fax. (+49) 2241 / 17 45-71








Process challenging technical plastics, like PVB


When people think of plastic waste recycling, they don't automatically think of SIKOPLAST Maschinenbau Heinrich Koch GmbH or the recycling of very technically sophisticated plastics - which is usually a misconception because precisely this combination has great potential when a medium-sized recycling company faces complex requirements. So it’s worthwhile to take a closer look beyond the familiar, because unlike large, prominent manufacturers, small companies often offer greater flexibility and can address new, individual customer requirements better. Not many clients know that SIKOPLAST has the necessary know-how to process challenging technical plastics. These include PVB for instance, which is also used as an interlayer between the glass panes of windscreens. Recycling critical and sensitive production waste of this kind poses a big problem for most recycling manufacturers when it comes to recirculating them into the production process. Absolute cautiousness is required, otherwise the sensitive material tends to bond or degrade. In order to counteract this, SIKOPLAST has developed a special single-shaft extruder for the gentle collection, melting and subsequent transport of PVB film edge cuts into the production extruder. In this way, not only is waste prevented and resources conserved, but energy costs are also lowered because the elaborate intermediate step of granulation can be omitted completely, thanks to the direct recirculation of PVB molten mass into the production system. The first units of this kind are already operating successfully. Once again, SIKOPLAST proves that smaller companies have a right to exist and are often a better choice compared to the prevailing establishment in certain areas.

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