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SIKOPLAST Maschinenbau
Heinrich Koch GmbH
Aulgasse 176
53721 Siegburg, Germany


Tel. (+49) 2241 / 17 45-0
Fax. (+49) 2241 / 17 45-71








Head office

Heinrich Koch, the founder of SIKOPLAST GmbH, was born in Siegburg, Germany, in 1909. Mr. Koch is considered to be one of the pioneers in the design and development of plastics processing machinery. At the age of 24, after completing his professional studies, Mr. Koch started his own company. His initial business involved the production of machined engineering parts for local companies. Immediately following the war, his attention turned towards the design and development of extruders.


In 1956 he founded a new company, SIKOPLAST, and soon earned an excellent reputation for his patented innovative designs, i.e. coat hanger melt distribution in a flat die, and removal of the extruder screw to the rear through the hollow gear box shaft. In the early seventies, as a direct result of the Middle Eastern oil crisis, raw material prices in the plastics and other industries rose rapidly. Heinrich Koch saw this as an opportunity for his company, and consequently directed his efforts into the development of a range of plastic recycling lines and systems. Many of his competitors were slow to take up this challenge.


An essential element in the SIKOPLAST recycling extruder, and a major factor in its success, is the design of the conical feed zone in combination with a single screw. This design (copied by many competitors), in a modified form, still makes up the basis for the present-day SIKOPLAST line.


Heinrich Koch retired from SIKOPLAST in 1985, by which time under his direction the corner-stone was laid for the company's world wide success.


In 1985 the management came under the direction of Mr. Fritz Bufe. As technical manager for several years, he had already been responsible for the growth and development of SIKOPLAST’s product line. Under Mr. Bufe’s management the scope of delivery has been further developed and continuously expanded. Besides conventional recycling lines for the processing of production waste, we now offer washing lines and systems for the processing of post consumer waste, silos, conveyor belts, granulators, and pelletizer systems.


A new part of our scope of delivery is the design, construction and fabrication (incl. commission) of steel platforms and superstructures. We also provide approved static load calculations upon request.